Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Technical Details eXTReMe Tracker

The Tracker-code has to be copied into the source of your page integrally and without *any* changes. Only then the tracking will be accurate. If you change the code eXTReMe digital shall have the right to suspend services. The button included within the code must be visible on your page and in the size as exposed.

With the eXTReMe Tracker you get every advanced feature required to picture the visitors of your website. Conveniently arranged, numbers, percentages, stats, totals and averages. All the way up from simple counting your visitors until tracking the keywords they use to find you.
Information you can't website without!


• Real-time reporting
• Wide range of specifications
• Extensive referrer tracking
• JavaScript optimized (5 times faster)
• Your time zone
• No traffic limitations
• Setup within a few minutes
• Completely FREE!


• Summary
Totals and Averages
• Basic Tracking 1
Unique Visitors:
- Days
- Weeks
- Months
- Hours of the day
- Days of the Week
• Basic Tracking 2
Incl., Excl. Reloads:
- Days
- Weeks
- Months
• Geo Tracking
• System Tracking
JavaScript Enabled
Operating Systems
Screen Resolutions
Screen Colors
• Referrer Tracking 1
Last 20
Last 20 from Email
Last 20 from Searchengines
Last 20 Queries
Last 20 from Usenet
Last 20 from Harddisk
• Referrer Tracking 2
Totals by Source:
- Website
- Searchengine \
- Email
- Usenet
- Harddisk
Totals by Searchengine:
- 24 most popular engines
All Keywords
All Website Referrers

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