Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Extreme Tracker

A new addition to this blog: The eXTReMe tracker. It works fast and extracts the basic details of a visitor. It goes much further then the Motigo statistical information. It also includes:

1. IP-numbers
2. Historical details of the URL's where your visitors come from
3. Historical details of the search words your visitors used
4. Historical details of all othet details.

Motigo only remembers the information of the last 200 visitors, but displays the historical data in nice graphic views. Extreme tracker gives very handy lists to analyze your site after it has been some time in the air. Both statistical programms have a free and a commercial version. The free one is off course also used to make PR for their product. Also from this source I will give some samples of the results when this blog is a bit longer in the air. One of the coming days I expect the first real visitors who don't even know how this site has been build.

The funny thing will be to go back to the first post of this site. You can then discover how the building fase went and how things are done....

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