Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Let Technorati PING your blog

In one of the statistical programms I see that a machine searched my new blog:

19 september 13:47h
Performance Systems International, Los Angeles, California, Verenigde Staten

This was caused by a request I placed on the Technorati site to PING my blog. They also scanned the tags that I am placing with each entry. These tags will be used to index the site and make it possible to let people find this text. It all takes a few days (or sometimes just hours) before it becomes active, but the inter-networking has started. The his form "Performance Systems International" was registered by the Motigo-statistical programm. Actually also the first foreign hit for the site. In the near future surely more will start to follow since the site is now being (or already has been) indexed by two large search-engines.

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