Friday, October 12, 2007

Statistics Cartoon

The use of the statistical tools on your websites gives you the numbers to proof what you say about your website.

Authority update 12-10-2007

Suddenly the Authority of this blog went from 2 up to 4. Seems that things I prepaired worked quite well.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Statistics Cartoon

Statcounter - Information Visit Length

StatCounter gives a nice feature: The length of the visits on your site. When visitors leave within 5 seconds, that means they probably weren't interested at all. The rest you can see how long they stayed. How they measure this? They just measure the time between entrebce URL en exit URL. So the details aren't that optimal, but an indication for sure.

For the free StatCounter tool it only measures the last 500 visitis. Not that much for a test. For access to the complete features one has to pay.

Technorati Blog Info update 9-10-2007

Seems that my blogs are picked up nicely in the Technorati listings. Two of them even got Autority 13. Not bad. This specific blog (Statistical Data) stays on 2. Probaly because it is relatively small and not that well interlinked with other websites yet.

Monday, October 8, 2007

StatCounter - Browsers

What decision can the browser stats help with?

The obvious question is have you tested your website in the browsers your visitors are using? A website can look great in one particular browser and not work in any other. It is always recommended to code websites using the standards maintained by W3C.
This ensures that not only will your website be compatible now, but it will also be compatible for future software!

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