Friday, October 26, 2007


The firm has three options for you to have interactive java-scripts that you can run on your website. I have added then all three now so you can have a look at what they do and what kind of information they give. Each has its specific information so it depends on what you want to share with your visitors. The site sure gets lively with the videos that it brings. I had to place them seperately on the blog so it wouldn't disturb the site too much. have a look at:

1. GeoGlobe
2. GeoCounter
3. Geomap


A new addition to this Statistical Data blog is the application that GeoVisite offers. Go to to find out the details. It brings a turning world with the hits mentioned and also an overview of the countries they come from. Just have a look at the icon that is in the sidebar.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

StatCounter - Returning Visits

This overview is always interesting. Do visitors come back after a first visit. Seems that is the case here, judging these graphical presented results by

StatCounter - Returning Visits

How does the 'Returning Visit' work?

From your project log of the last x number of pageloads, we extract the total number of unique visitors present in it. Each unique visitor has a cookie, which is incremented each time they return to visit your website (a couple of hours is needed between visits depending on your settings). From this info we can show you how often visitors return to see your website again and again.

The best and most successful websites are the ones with a very high return frequency. If you have a low or non-existant return frequency you may want to change your website to encourage your visitors to come again and again.

Statcounter - Popular Pages

This overview of gives you a perfect overview of what the popular pages on your website are. These subjects are interesting to your visitors!

Statcounter - Popular Pages

What can the Popular Pages tell me?

You will quickly see which pages are the most heavily visited by your visitors and what ones are being left well enough alone. If some pages are being overlooked it could be a good idea to improve or make the navigation to those pages more obvious. Or entice your visitors to find out more about these pages.

Drill down the data - show all your visitors that visited this particular page during their visit!

Common problem with Popular Page Stats

If you only install the StatCounter code on one page of your website we can only track one page of your website. It is highly recommended to install the same code on all pages of your website you want to track.

Queries - Extreme Tracker

Yes, I must admit I am a fan of this Extreme Tracker because it produces overviews that are very interesting. This is just a sample: with which words do the visitors come to my site and through which searchengine with what keywords? I like the answers to these questions. Seems like more people do since they ask these questions.

Browsers - by Extreme Tracker 25-10-2007

Extreme Tracker is running for over a month now. It gives a clear overview of the browsers the visitors use that come here. Microsoft still has a large part of this, but there are changes visibible.

Extreme Tracking

eXTReMe Tracker