Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stats on 16-11-2008

The hits come in even when this blog hasn't changed a bit for a few months. Seems that all the effort to make this blog found worked. A lot of visitors come in and learn about the things I found. That is great.

Choose HTML

There is one main benefit of search engine marketing and that is web accessibility. The more accessible your website is to search engines, the more visits your website will get. Using good search engine marketing skills, you can ensure your website a top spot on most major search engines.

First, when trying to get the most from search engine marketing, you should consider assigning ALT Descriptions on your site, which are used by visually impaired visitors, who cannot understand images. To ensure proper accessibility, ALT description should be assigned to each and every image. By doing this you will not only be assisting your visually impaired visitors, you will also help raise your search engine rating, as well as benefit more from search engine marketing.

Next, in order to get the most from search engine marketing, it is always good to avoid embedding text in images on your website. There is strong evidence to suggest search engines assign less importance to embedded text in images. So to get the best results from search engine marketing it is best to avoid embedding text in your website images. It is best to use HTML.

Another good tip to getting the most from search engine marketing is to be sure to use plenty of link text in your written content. Search engines are generally known to place great importance on link text. So when at all possible, to get the most from search engine marketing, use plenty of link text on your website.

Finally, if you know anything at all about search engine marketing, or search engine optimization, it should be that your page title is among one of the most attributes on the page. If it properly describes the content of your page, more search engines will be able to more accurately interpret what your page is about, giving you more out of search engine marketing.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Motigo Counter New

The Motigo Counter has a new feature in it. Thet call it the "Heat-Map". It has been activated to test the results. It takes 48 hours to be fully operational.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Search engine marketing (SEM)

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Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs). According to the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, SEM methods include: search engine optimization (or SEO), paid placement, and paid inclusion. Other sources, including the New York Times, define SEM as the practice of buying paid search listings.

Market structure

In 2006, North American advertisers spent US$9.4 billion on search engine marketing, a 62% increase over the prior year and a 750% increase over the 2002 year. The largest SEM vendors are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. As of 2006, SEM was growing much faster than traditional advertising.


As the number of sites on the Web increased in the mid-to-late 90s, search engines started appearing to help people find information quickly. Search engines developed business models to finance their services, such as pay per click programs offered by Open Text in 1996 and then in 1998. later changed its name to Overture in 2001, and was purchased by Yahoo! in 2003, and now offers paid search opportunities for advertisers through Yahoo! Search Marketing. Google also began to offer advertisements on search results pages in 2000 through the Google AdWords program. By 2007 pay-per-click programs proved to be primary money-makers for search engines.

Search engine optimization consultants expanded their offerings to help businesses learn about and use the advertising opportunites offered by search engines, and new agencies focusing primarily upon marketing and advertising through search engines emerged. The term "Search Engine Marketing" was proposed by Danny Sullivan in 2001 to cover the spectrum of activities involved in performing SEO, managing paid listings at the search engines, submitting sites to directories, and developing online marketing strategies for businesses, organizations, and individuals. In 2007 Search Engine Marketing is stronger than ever with SEM Budgets up 750% as shown with stats dating back to 2002 vs 2006.[citation needed]

Ethical questions

Paid search advertising hasn't been without controversy, and issues around how many search engines present advertising on their pages of search result sets have been the target of a series of studies and reports by Consumer Reports WebWatch, from Consumers Union. The FTC also issued a letter in 2002 about the importance of disclosure of paid advertising on search engines, in response to a complaint from Commercial Alert, a consumer advocacy group with ties to Ralph Nader.

Statistics Store Humor

Statistics on 4-3-2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Smile about Statistics

Statistics are for most students and researchers not very pleasible and even they hate it. For them we give on this page some food for thought (quotations) and smiling material (jokes and cartoons) on statistics. Enjoy yourself and know that statistics is not so bad as it seems.
Do you know of good quotes, jokes or cartoons on Statistics? Please don't hesitate, and send it to us. Thanks in advance.


There are lies, darned lies, and statistical outliers.

Statistics means never having to say you're certain.

Statistics is the art of never having to say you're wrong. Variance is what any two statisticians are at. - C.J.Bradfield

A statistician is a person who draws a mathematically precise line from an unwarranted assumption to a foregone conclusion.

A statistician is a person who stands in a bucket of ice water, sticks their head in an oven and says "on average, I feel fine!" - K.Dunnigan

A statistician drowned while crossing a stream that was, on average, 6 inches deep.

Most people use statistics the way a drunk uses a lamp post, more for support than enlightenment.

Figures don't lie, but liars figure. - Samuel Clemens (alias Mark Twain)

Are statisticians normal?

An engineer, a physicist, and a statistician were moose hunting in northern Canada. After a short walk through the marshes they spotted a HUGE moose 150 metres away. The engineer raised his gun and fired at the moose. A puff of dust showed that the bullet landed 3 metres to the right of the moose. The physicist, realizing that there was a substantial breeze that the engineer did not account for, aimed to the left of the moose and fired. The bullet landed 3 metres to the left of the moose. The statistician jumped up and down and screamed "We got him! We got him!"

The weather man is never wrong. Suppose he says that there's an 80% chance of rain. If it rains, the 80% chance came up; if it doesn't, the 20% chance came up! - Saul Barron

All measurements are subject to variation.

The minute a statistician steps into the position of the executive who must make decisions and defend them, the statistician ceases to be a statistician. - W.E.Deming

I feel that the kind of examples of statistical analysis that tend to be considered in professional discussions ... are so grossly over-simplified as to make a pretentious mockery of real-life situations and statistical consultancy. - A.Ehrenberg

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics! - B.Disraeli

It has long recognized by public men of all kinds ... that statistics come under the head of lying, and that no lie is so false or inconclusive as that which is based on statistics. - H.Belloc

Like dreams, statistics are a form of wish fulfillment. - J.Baudrillard

Where is the knowledge that is lost in information? Where is the wisdom that is lost in knowledge? - T.S.Eliot

One picture is worth more than ten thousand words.

The only useful function of a statistician is to make predictions, and thus to provide a basis for action. - W.E.Deming

The most powerful mathematical tools are sometimes less important to the engineer than some of the simpler or less powerful tools. But often, for lack of information about either, neither is used. - C.M.Ryerson

A knowledge of statistics is like a knowledge of foreign languages or of algebra; it may prove of use at any time under any circumstances. - A.L.Bowley

The long-range contribution of statistics depends not so much upon getting a lot of highly trained statisticians into industry as it does in creating a statistically minded generation of physicists, chemists, engineers, and others who will in any way have a hand in developing and directing the production processes of tomorrow. - W.A.Shewhart & W.E.Deming

The fundamental difference between engineering with and without statistics boils down to the difference between the use of a scientific method based upon the concept of laws of nature that do not allow for chance or uncertainty and a scientific method based upon the concept of laws of probability as an attribute of nature. - W.A.Shewhart

When you can measure what you are speaking about and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of the meager and unsatisfactory kind. - Lord Kelvin (British physicist)

1. If quality and productivity are to improve from current levels, changes must be made in the way things are presently being done.

2. We should like to have good data to serve as a rational basis on which to make these changes.

3. The twin question must then be addressed: what data should be collected, and, once collected, how should they be analyzed?

4. Statistics is the science that addresses this twin question. - W.G.Hunter

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Kartoo Search Engine

On there is a wonderfull search engine that works visual. The words you look for are investigated and a visual presentation of the results is given. You can easily deepen you search and visualize the sites that are offered.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Free Counter on 19-1-2008

Technorati update 19-1-2008

Looking at a new update from Technorati shows that the Authority of some blogs doesn't increase that much. An exception is the Mail-Art Projects blog that has now Authority 31. Reasons: There are 60+ contributors to this blog and also lots of these contributors link to the blog. This aspect has raised the Autority to a double level in only a single month.

New Content = Visitors

It is a basic rule in websites. You can attract visitors to a website when you place new content on a regular basis. I have tested it with this blog. A silence of a few eeeks means that the amount of visitors drops. Just a single new posting means that indexing machines place you on a higher scale and that results in a better visibility of your website.

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