Saturday, October 6, 2007

Counter on 6-10-2007

The number of visitors is starting to grow on this blog. One of the counters has reached 500. Another counter has reached 51, and they once went parallel. So the numbers can't always be trusted...

ClustrMap on 6-10-2007

The first results are measured and shown here. When the listing is active longer the ball will get larger in the places where more visitors come from (or return).

Keywords - StatCounter: List

StatCounter gives you a list of keywords people looked for and then found your site. Here you can see how people came to this actual Statistical Data site. It shows the interest of you visitors.

Keywords - StatCounter

How can the Recent Keyword Activity help me?

This a great way to see up to the second how the latest visitors to your website are using the search engines to find your website, and then magnify them to see how they used your website.

Why does the same search term appear again and again with the same ip address?
This is how your visitors are using your website! They are clicking onto your website from a search engine result, then a little later they are doing it again and sometimes again and again. We track exactly what your visitors are doing don't be suprised by some of their very strange behaviour. Learn from it!

Choosing the Best Keywords

Effective search engine optimization depends on choosing the best keywords and I recommend using a combination of the Google Keyword Analysis and Overture Keyword Selector Tool.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Statcounter - Results per day on 3-10-2007

StatCounter has a nice tool to personalize the graphics you need. I have choosen a recent periode here and it shows the piek in the hits (a few days ago) quite nicely. If you need to show someone the results of a special posting of PR-campaing on your website, this is a great tool. If e.g. someone would write about this blog and would link to this site that would show up in such a gragh immediately. With the other tools installed you could find out the references of these extra hits and you could trace where the extra visistors come from. That is in fact how I discover if and how someone has written about this blog.

If something like I mentioned above happens, I will write you a report on how I use the installed startistical programs to find out the details. With the right tools one can find out quite interesting details about a site.

Motigo - Overview Continents 3-10-2007

On the map that Motigo shows thare are obvious hisr from abroad. The ClustrMap has a delay of one day, so eventually there will show up some more red dots on the small map.

Believing Counters

On this blog I have two counters running. Both went allong quite bicely, but the last days there is a difference of 16 between the two. It meena one of them had a failure in counting. That porooves that a counter doesn't register all that you would like it too.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Explenation Clustrmap

This chart is given by Clustrmap to explain what you can see on the image. To get this image you have to click on the small image in the sidebar. An administrator can log in and get all the details. It will get interesting when this site gets a lot of foreign visitors....


On the site you can get a nice gadget that can be implemented on your site. It is a worldmap that shws you where your visitors come from. In the beginning it will be empty, but after a while (and with foreign visitors) the image will build up. I have placed it on top of the sidebar on this blog for this moment. You can now see immediately what countries the visitors come from.

Other statistical programms have this option too. But Clustrmap shows the image straight away on the site for all to see.

Search Queries - 1 October 2007

This is also an interesting feature in eXTReMe Tracker: You can see which queries were asked through search-engines. That explains how people are finding this Statistical Data Blog. Only the last 20 quesries are saved, so that isn't that helpfull for the search of why visitors come to your site.

eXTReMe Tracker - Countries on 1-10-2007

eXTReMe Tracker gives this overview of unique visitors to this blog. Seems like visitors come from very different countries indeed. This is a very clear presentation.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sitemeter - Results Worldmap 30-9-2007

This is one of the better worldmaps that I have seen. Sitemeter produces them and this sample is of this actual site. Yes, more foeign visitos come in. Seems the texts als attract visitors. Statistical data is always interesting as it seems.
Note the dots and their meaning.

Technorati Blog Info update 30-9-2007

The many postings and links on this blog must have helped. The Authority just went up to 2, and now indicates how this blog is seen by the Technorati programm. We will see how it increases further as the blog grows and the interlinking gets more scuccesfull.

Counter on 30-9-2007

Motigo - Overview Countries 30-9-2007

On the Motigo counter I can see where the visitors of the last daya came from. Seems like the Yahoo group is visited mainly by USA-inhabitants from East to West. One could zoom in on this map and find out where their computer lives....

Statcounter - Results per day on 30-9-2007

The statistical data that is registered at StatCounter is growing. I have asked people on a Yahoo Group om mail-art (seee: to start visiting this blog and that has caused some hits yeterday. That is clearly visible here.

Extreme Tracking

eXTReMe Tracker