Saturday, October 6, 2007

Keywords - StatCounter

How can the Recent Keyword Activity help me?

This a great way to see up to the second how the latest visitors to your website are using the search engines to find your website, and then magnify them to see how they used your website.

Why does the same search term appear again and again with the same ip address?
This is how your visitors are using your website! They are clicking onto your website from a search engine result, then a little later they are doing it again and sometimes again and again. We track exactly what your visitors are doing don't be suprised by some of their very strange behaviour. Learn from it!

Choosing the Best Keywords

Effective search engine optimization depends on choosing the best keywords and I recommend using a combination of the Google Keyword Analysis and Overture Keyword Selector Tool.


Michael said...

Since months i use this IP address tool to trace back my visitors:

IP Address Locator

It gives you an good impression what is happening on your blog.

Ruud Janssen - TAM said...

Thanks for this tip. I willhave a lok at this. SOme trackers also keep track of IP numbers and even have blocking tools when needed...


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