Sunday, November 16, 2008

Choose HTML

There is one main benefit of search engine marketing and that is web accessibility. The more accessible your website is to search engines, the more visits your website will get. Using good search engine marketing skills, you can ensure your website a top spot on most major search engines.

First, when trying to get the most from search engine marketing, you should consider assigning ALT Descriptions on your site, which are used by visually impaired visitors, who cannot understand images. To ensure proper accessibility, ALT description should be assigned to each and every image. By doing this you will not only be assisting your visually impaired visitors, you will also help raise your search engine rating, as well as benefit more from search engine marketing.

Next, in order to get the most from search engine marketing, it is always good to avoid embedding text in images on your website. There is strong evidence to suggest search engines assign less importance to embedded text in images. So to get the best results from search engine marketing it is best to avoid embedding text in your website images. It is best to use HTML.

Another good tip to getting the most from search engine marketing is to be sure to use plenty of link text in your written content. Search engines are generally known to place great importance on link text. So when at all possible, to get the most from search engine marketing, use plenty of link text on your website.

Finally, if you know anything at all about search engine marketing, or search engine optimization, it should be that your page title is among one of the most attributes on the page. If it properly describes the content of your page, more search engines will be able to more accurately interpret what your page is about, giving you more out of search engine marketing.


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