Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Adding you blog to Technorati

At the link: http://technorati.com/ you can add your blog to a growing number of blogs that are indexed by this majr player in the field. You need to have a profile first, but then you can add your blogs to that account. Claiming a blog means that you need a small link to their site that is detected by their spiders. It they do, they index your blog and also use the tags you might have used for indexing it. All in all, the interlinking now starts.

At first you don't have an Autority, but when more links come to your blogs this Authority grows. I have now 10 blogs claimed under one account, so I will give you frequent updates here on how these Authorities rise and how I managed to do that. Don't think it is an easy process. It is part in the Search-engine marketing one needs to know, and also realize it is hard work and not simple use a simple tool. More soon. With this blog I start at sero. I build up the tools and you can backtrach how things develope....

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